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The Beast

Its been a long time coming! We announced “the beast” conceptually in the beginning of 2021. People loved the idea of removable and interchangeable horns. So we started sourcing and tooling immediately. But our unique bubble shaped death goggles are not a cookie cutter sunglass brand. Perfecting each new pair of death goggles takes time, money and lots of patience.

We are finally ready to announce our preorder date of this Halloween, october 31, 2021. The list price is $119  and pre order will be $99. We will be offering 4 vampire black variations, 2 bewitched bronze, 2 blood red, 2 purple rain and 2 evil pink. Our horn colors are silver, black, gold, red, purple.

We still have alot to do in order to produce tens of thousands of pairs before christmas 2021. Please be patient with us during the hectic season. We know tou want them and we also want them on the market. Lets all pray have a moment of silence and spread positive thoughts and good energy to make the production and logistics process smooth and trouble free.

thank you for  supporting our small brand, uncomprosed and original. 


World Infamous®️

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