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You may be asking yourself "What is Vulgati?" and you may be wondering why we have created these uniquely shaped, bubble goggles. Well, it's a lifelong passion of ours to create things like clothes, skateboards, and sunglasses and whatever else our heart desires. It is our philosophy here at the Vulgati Headquarters that life should be spent creating. That's why we surround ourselves with fellow creatives and artists and musicians. We enjoy the radiant energy of our fellow creatives. We like to feed off of others creative energy and inspire others by our creations. That's where the term "The Others" originated. We realized that creatives are an entirely different breed of human. Creative people will wear things and do things that your average Joe, would not dare. So, when we created Vulgati and it's vision for the future, we embraced "The Others" and don't really need average Joe to buy  our stuff. As a matter of fact, there is too much stuff sold on the market today for Average Joe, but simply not enough for "The Others". We are here to fill that void. Enjoy!