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Pictures of Vulgati Bubble Goggles

i just realized i have been so busy marketing, shipping and coordinating everything on the business side of Vulgati, that i havent written a blog post in a long time. I was browsing our website and saw only one boring post. Wow! Shame on me.

well, i went through my instagram messages and found a bunch of cool pics that various artists, bloggers, musicians and djs have sent us. If you are reading this post, you are probably wondering how the bubble sunglasses will look on you? What color would look best? Will they look good on your face?

well, we have shipped our patented bubble goggles around the globe. A few places that come to mind are japan, united kingdom, russia, mexico, usa, morocco, germany, china, korea, canada, paris, italy, south africa and more. All races, genders, skin color have worn our bubble sunglasses. See some pictures below of some of our favorites. 

dont be shy to order your pair of these one of a kind, cat eye, bubble goggles by vulgati, life is too short to play it safe.



Jareth nebula boy wearing the mellow yellow glen ivy bubble shadesJareth Nebula Boy


Alli harvard wearing the candy apple red bubble sunglasses by vulgatiAllison Harvard


Apphia castillo wearing vulgati mellow yellow bubble sunniesPhi


Miss ding wearing the paradise blue bubble sunglassesMiss Ding


Kiki carnage on the beach wearing the vamp bubble sunglasses by vulgatiKiki Carnage


Death candy wearing the gothic black shades by vulgati, aka glen ivyDeath Candy


Masuimi max wearing the vulgati paradise blue pinup especial, aka glen ivyMasuimi Max


Jovana Mitrovic wearing vulgati glen ivyJovana Mitrovic 

 Tanya djerq wearing limo tint black vulgati sunniesTanya Djerq


Emina haddlesey wearing the mellow yellow vulgati sunglassesEmina Haddlesey


Obsidian one of our fav goth models, wearing the vampish vulgati bubble sunglassesJovana Mitrovic aka obsidian kerttu


Misuru meguru is by far one of our fav asian style bloggersMisuru Meguro


Milex- kamil roj




Morgue mamiKailee Morgue

Asada moka

Asada Moka


Wenzday dj



Nara kim

Nara Kim


lisa minegishiLisa Minegishi 


Lily Gatins

Lily Gatins


moonchild sanelly

Moonchild Sanelly


Teale coco

Teale Coco


Dj courtney mills

Dj Courtney Mills


Petite Meller

Petite Meller

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