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Vulgati Space Goggles

Last year when we first launched our patented bubble goggles, we hired a local photographer Casie Wendel to do an editorial style shoot for our launch. We told Casie that we wanted an alien invasion sort of theme. Casie hired a team of hair stylists and make up artists to join in on the fun. She also brought a couple local Hollywood models to play along. It was also my daughter, Chloe Mckinish, first time doing a legit photo shoot.


Here are some of the people involved that day in Hollywood Hills:

Hair Stylist : Sophie Rose

Styling: Cowboy Carmen

MUA: Zachary Edward

Models: Chloe McKinish, Janice Virrueta, Ricarda Montani


This is back when the Vulgati Death Gogglrs were $300 ea. Wow! What a difference a year makes. Now much more affordable for the "Common People" at $39 ea. After all, the inspiration for our name is an Italian word, spelled Volgare  that means common people. When spoken, this word sounds like "vulgati", thats how we came up with it.

Our slogan, Rich Souls Never Die may sound materialistic at first glance, but its actually the antithesis. A Rich Soul, means you are fulfilled spiritually. A Rich soul does not need material things to be happy. A Rich soul flourishes upon love, wisdom, creativity, friendship, happiness and freedom. Never Die- What does that mean? It means, if your soul is fulfilled and happy, your soul will last eternally, even after we leave this physical world. So there you have it. Who needs gucci, when you can have VULGATI- Rich Souls Never Die!


Enjoy our Hollywood Alien Invasion photos:)



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